Thursday, August 1, 2013


Originally from India, I’ve lived for almost twenty-five years in the Oklahoma City metro area.  We moved to the Ouchita National Forest, a four hour drive from our friends and family, in February 2013. 

I am a pre-published romance writer. In my mundane life, I am a wife and a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to two boys.

I’m not disciplined enough to write regularly. After talking with some of my friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing a blog should help me attain that discipline.   

Depending on my interest at the time, posts will include but not be limited to Christian Living, homemaking, homeschooling and writing for publication.

What do you find hard to be disciplined about? What are some ways you discipline yourself?


  1. "Disciplining myself" hearkens my mind back to old scenes of Monty Python and self flogging.... Since I don't do that (much), I think I gain strength from the strength of my dear friends and when they put forth efforts to improve themselves, it inspires me to, too. I'm excited about your new venture and look forward to becoming better because of it; thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

    1. Ouch! Not that kind of discipline! Although I do tend to mentally flog myself, sometimes.

      My friends, especially my best friends, are my inspiration too. I just pray I can continue to be an inspiration.

  2. You did it! Love the colors you chose and your title! So looking forward to coming to visit you and exploring your neck of the woods. Daniel asks me often when we are going. I think it needs to cool down a bit. And life needs to slow down a bit, too.

    Homeschooling is probably the biggest challenge to being disciplined. There are so many things around the house the are a) more interesting to do or b) seem to be more urgent. you know, things like clean clothes, dinner, tripping over toys left out, etc.

    My best and favorite way to get a good day of schooling in is to go to the library. Sadly, all my kids think the library is too distracting to study in. (??!!????)

    1. Indeed. I'm glad you like the colors and title.

      You always welcome to our home.

      Yes, homeschooling has helped me become more disciplined. Now I'm trying the same method(I think I'll make that my next blog post) for my writing and other challenges.

      It surprises me how my kids have no interest in the library.