Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review Witcha’be by Anna Marie Kittrell

I usually don’t read Young Adult Inspirational.  However, when Anna Kittrell asked me to write a review in exchange for a free copy, I said yes. I’m glad I did.  

I would recommend this book to not only to young adults but to all ages.

Having recently moved to Redbend, Oklahoma, Molly Sanders is ecstatic to have a friend in Lenni Flemming.  Bianca Ravenwood, not so much.  Lenni Flemming’s best friend since they were small girls and self-proclaimed witcha’be (contraction of witch wannabe), Bianca has taken an instant dislike to Molly, using her for ‘witchcraft’ practice.

Molly’s fear that Bianca will be successful in ruining her friendship with Lenni manifests itself in hiccups and jumping to conclusions about Bianca’s motives. 

Bianca fears Molly will replace herself in Lenni’s life as best friend and lashes out at Molly with her ‘witchcraft’.

If you are a parent considering buying this book, other than mentioning witchcraft, defining what witcha’be is and some mumbling that is mistaken for ‘witchcraft’, the book doesn’t have any witchcraft.

Some of the questions raised in this book are: What do you fear? Does the fear dictate your actions or do you set aside your fear to make your decisions? What do you find solace in when your fear seems overwhelming?

The author has done a good job of answering those questions in a non-preachy fashion while crafting likeable characters in an interesting story.  The questions stayed with me, leading me to re-evaluate how I deal with my own fears.